Finished up 2011

Last night, the band had the last rehearsal in 2011. We've done for the year.


Looking back 2011, we only had 2 gigs, one on May 7th at Silver Elephant, the other on November 5th at Sanctuary. Instead of the live activities, we more focused on the 2nd studio album recording. We are pretty much satisfied wth what we've done for the new album. We've spent almost a year to write songs, arrange them and practice to play them well enough for putting in a CD. We believe the new album, 'Trans-Europe Expression' is better in many ways than the previous release and it will be liked more by most of the listeners.


Musea is working on the CD pressing now and it's going just fine. Most likely it will be available on Musea Online Store in the beginning of February, 2012 for world wide.


We are looking forward to the new album release and the celebration gig on February 19th. Hope to see everybody at Silver Elephant on the day.


Happy Holidays!




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